How to Find Freelancers for your business?

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What is Freelancer Management System

Growing companies usually seek external support from freelancers to keep their business running and save time. Freelancers not only bring their vast expertise to the table but also work in a highly efficient manner to finish tasks faster and more efficiently.

In this article, we will learn more about how to find freelancers for your business.

Look for freelancers in job outsourcing platforms

With borderless companies and remote working soon becoming the norm, there is a surge in the number of online platforms dedicated to hiring freelancers. Websites such as Upwork and Fiverr are increasingly being used by employers to hire talents from across the world. With over millions of freelancers actively seeking jobs, you will easily find a freelancer who fits your needs and your budget.

Use social media to outsource work

Social media not only bridges the gap between people, but also acts as a channel for businesses to target customers and hire workers. There are thousands of groups dedicated to freelancing and job posting. You can include a brief description of the nature of work and the skills that you are looking for.

Seek out college students

Consider reaching out to the local college or university in your area to hire contract workers. College students are usually on the lookout for jobs that help them save money while pursuing their education. If you believe that the job at hand does not require professional experience such as data entry, you can post job descriptions at college bulletin boards to collect leads.

Post on job boards

Job boards are used not only for full-time employment opportunities, but also to hire freelance contracts and part-time job opportunities. If you are in urgent need of hourly workers or freelancers, you can turn to job boards for leads.

If you are posting on a job board, you must prepare a brief summary about the project, the kind of skills you are looking for and project timelines. Once you have enough leads, you can start shortlisting candidates for your project.

Here are the top 10 job boards that will help you find resources faster:


Indeed is one of largest job sites in the world with over millions of active job seekers. From full-time jobs to remote jobs, hourly work and freelance opportunities, Indeed is the best place for employers to find freelancers for their business. 

Monster is a free platform for job seekers who are looking for full-time, part-time as well as internship opportunities.


FlexJobs is the best place to find remote workers. You shortlist candidates who are seeking flexible work-from-home job opportunities.


You can post your requirements on your local Craigslist for free and receive quick responses from users in your area.

USAJobs features civil service job opportunities with federal agencies. The site is operated by the United States Office of Personnel Management. 


AngelList is dedicated to job seekers who are looking to work with startup companies. 

LinkUp is a job search engine that index jobs exclusively from company websites. You can run a pay-per-click campaign on LinkUp, and automatically distribute your job posting across its nationwide partner network and mobile apps.


CareerBuilder is a trusted job platform for freelancers and employers alike. Although the platform requires a premium membership for employers, it offers a host of value-added services to hore, retain and streamline your freelancers. 


If you are looking for freshers or college graduates who are looking for freelance opportunities, Scouted is the best place to start your search. 


Snagajob is dedicated to finding and recruiting hourly workers in the US It is one of the most popular job boards that connects employers and job seekers. 

Join a professional networking site

LinkedIn is a leading platform for employees and employers to network. LinkedIn has a dedicated section for hiring freelancers, known as ProFinder which is separated from its job portal. ProFinder helps you hire freelancers based on their background, qualifications and area of expertise. If you are a registered LinkedIn user, you can make a job posting on ProFinder and wait for candidates to respond.

Turn to creative networks like Behance or Dribbble

Creative portfolio marketplaces like Behance and Dribble helps you find creative professionals easily. Candidates can showcase their creative portfolio for employers’ and find opportunities from across the globe.

You can view candidate portfolios and correspond with them through these platforms and learn more about their level of proficiency, past works, recent projects, creative potential and work experience before getting in touch with them.

Final Thoughts

Always keep a repository of freelancers at disposal so that you can easily onboard them when the need arises. You must also uncover new ways to keep in touch and manage them easily. Thanks to freelancer management platforms such as Freelance Central helps you streamline and simplify how you work with freelancers effortlessly.

Last but not the least, always hire the best talent in the industry to carry out your work. Although they cost too much, they bring unparalleled experience and skills to the table, which in turn helps your business grow.

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