How to Hire Freelancers in 7 Easy Steps

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Sometimes it may not make sense to hire a full-time employee when you have an important but short-term project at hand. That’s when freelancers come into picture. While it might feel like a short-term affair, a lot of work goes into hiring the best talent in the market. In this guide, we will share some useful tips on how you can hire the right talent that can meet your demands.

Outline your requirement

Determine the requirement that you have before anything else. Be clear about the scope of work by outlining the key aspect of the project. This way you will attract the right person with the right skillset. The more you pin down your requirement, the easier it would be to calculate the estimate, the resources required and the kind of research that go into the project.

Create a job description

Outline the duties and responsibilities involved in the project by creating a job description. A good job description helps the freelancer identify the skills required to do the task and the duties the job demands. Be very clear about your expectations and the type of result you expect. Include a brief description about your company and its business outlook.

Define skillset

Find a freelancer who has the right set of skills to get the job done. As opposed to full time employees, it may not be possible to take time to train a freelancer. Besides, freelancers are experts in their respective field of work. Check the technical and professional background of the candidates. Has she undertaken a similar project in the past? Can she do it with little oversight, especially if she is going to work for you remotely? 

Ask yourself these questions before picking a candidate. A skilled, self disciplined candidate adds value to your project in more ways than one.

Calculate your budget

How much is your project worth spending? Come up with a budget that works for your candidate without burning a hole in your pocket. Research about the industry rates and allocate a fair price for the project. If you cannot pay a decent amount of money, you might need to relook at your quality expectations or should even consider bringing down the duration of the contract.

Set clear expectations

When you interview the prospective freelancer, ask relevant questions. Try to evaluate his ability to transition from one task to another. Find out how he manages workloads and deadlines. You might also need to ask them how they measure success rates and the kind of workflow that helps them stay on top of their task. 

Ensure that the candidate follows a work process that allows him to manage work systematically. A chaotic work process not only affects his delivery schedules, but could also throw you off track.

Refer portfolio

Ask for a portfolio of the freelancer’s past work. Assess it and find out if they can actually do the job that you have for them. If they have provided references, get in touch with them and carry out a professional background check. Sometimes, you could request the candidate to take a skill assessment test, although it might not apply to many fields of work. Keep in mind that a good freelancer will always hoard a list of work for potential client’s to see.

Set deadlines

Come up with a deadline for the project. You need to keep some buffer time so that if things do go wrong, you get some amount of time to fix it. Communicate the deadline to the prospective candidate and ensure that he can provide results within the allocated time. Timely completion of work is crucial but sometimes things could go wrong. And if they do, always have a back up plan for disaster management.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know all the steps for a successful hiring, it is about time that you put the word out and attract the right people. Working with a freelancer has its own merits given you take the right steps. Understand that as long as you do your part methodically, there’s little that could go haywire.

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