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Employer FAQ

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can make fast and secure payments through credit card, PayPal, using e-Wallets, and P2P money transfer services to your contractors over Freelance Central.


Does Freelance Central integrate with other software?

Yes. You can integrate your QuickBooks and TaxJar accounts and export details easily in just minutes over Freelance Central.

Is Freelance Central IRS authorized?

Yes. We are an IRS authorized e-file service provider. Our software is tested and authorized by the IRS. Your tax returns are safely and securely transmitted over our network.

Can I add full-time employees to Freelance Central?

Yes, you can add full-time employees to Freelance Central. However, our platform provides services that are ideal for freelancers.

Can I file 1099-NEC for multiple contractors at once?

Yes. You can use the bulk data feature on our website to add multiple contractors by uploading a CSV file. Freelance Central also allows you to add more contractors by importing data from your QuickBooks.


Freelancer FAQ

Is Freelance Central free for contractors?

Yes. Contractors can register with Freelance Central for free and access all their important documents, invoices, payments, and other information.

Can I receive payments over Freelance Central?

You can receive payments from your employers via bank transfer, PayPal, e-wallets, and P2P payment modes.

Do I need to issue an invoice to my employer?

No, your employer will issue a detailed invoice to you over Freelance Central. You have the option to accept the invoice or reject it as you wish.

How do I eSign a document?

Our DocuSign and PandaDoc integration allows you to eSign your NDAs, contracts, and other legal documents securely.

What is a W9 form?

Form W-9 is issued to freelancers/contractors by the employer if their service charge amounts to $600 or more in a given tax year. The contractor needs to furnish Form W-9 and return it to you so you can e-file 1099-NEC using the details provided on the W9.


Are electronic signatures legal?

Yes. Electronic signatures are legally enforceable in most business and personal transactions in the US.

How do I reject an invoice issued to me?

You can reject an invoice issued to you by your employer by clicking on the ‘Decline invoice’ button under the “Payments” option.

How do I reject a contract that has been issued to me?

You can reject a contract issued to you by your employer by clicking on the ‘Decline’ button under the “Documents” option.

How do I download my contracts and other documents?

You can download all your contractor documents by clicking on the ‘Manage’ option on the dashboard.

How do I track my past payments?

You can view or download all your past transactions by clicking on “payment history” under ‘Manage’ on the dashboard.

How do I fill out a W9 form?

You can furnish a W9 form online over Freelance Central by typing out all the necessary information on the editable PDF sent to you by your employer.

How do I get Copy B of my form 1099-NEC?

Copy B of your form 1099-NEC will be sent to you by the employer once it is successfully processed by the IRS.

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