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Tier Based Pricing


(1-10 Forms)


(11-25 Forms)


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(251-500 Forms)


(‍501‍-‍1000‍ Forms)


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State filings cost an additional $1.50 per form.

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Secure delivery to recipients

Once the 1099-NEC is submitted to the IRS, a copy shall be sent to the recipient via email or physical mail. There is no additional charge for these services.

State Filing

With different states come different tax filing regulations and stipulations. Don't worry, we cover most of the states and have made everything absolutely simple and easy for you.

Prices with no surprises

There are no hidden charges. Our transparent tier-based pricing ensures that you get the most out of our services at a lower cost.

Address Validation

Address mismatch can result in rejection of your form 1099-NEC. With FreelanceCentral, get free address verification for an error free e-filing experience.

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