Why it’s easier to succeed with freelance management than you might think

Today, the workforce around the globe is in the process of a deep paradigm shift. In other words, the freelance workforce is increasingly becoming a core part of your business. As the freelance workforce continues to rise, it is estimated that by 2025, more than half of the workforce will be freelancers, contractors, consultants, and gig-workers.

Now, it’s one thing to hire freelancers and another thing to manage them efficiently. Managing employees is not an easy task while managing freelancers can be twice as hard. If you’ve ever worked with independent contractors, you know that contractor management is completely different from typical employee management.

When you have a contractor workforce but no contractor management solution to manage them, things can go haywire pretty quickly. Before you know it, your focus shifts to time-killing paperwork and spreadsheets rather than your business. When invoices are full of errors and payments delayed, the enthusiasm your freelancers once brought to work seems to get fizzled out.

Your business turns riskier by the day as tax compliance turns into a mad scramble with multiple forms to fill, sending you down more wormholes than you can keep track of. This means business owners and HR teams are grappling with new challenges that come along with an evolving workforce.

Are you too one of those businesses struggling with how to best manage freelancers? If yes, you’re not alone! You begin to wonder why your company is struggling to stay afloat while your competitors are soaring ahead. Well, the answer to this riddle lies in automation.

Yes, you read it right – automation with a right-fit contractor management platform. Freelancer management doesn’t have to be complicated and time-consuming.

With contractor management lifecycle automation, you can stay on top of your external workforce, save time and money, reduce errors, diminish risks, and achieve greater productivity. Businesses need to realize that managing your freelance workforce manually is a losing battle.

Automation brings in the ease of use, more operational efficiency, and better ROI from your freelance workforce at lesser cost.

Embrace Automation and Empower your Workforce

Here’s how a freelance management platform can optimize your contractor management workflows, reduce administrative headaches, and skyrocket productivity.

Embrace Automation and Empower your Workforce

Onboard contractors easy and fast

Onboarding sets the first impression about your company, and you certainly don’t want it to be a bad one. A contractor management platform allows you to onboard your freelancers, track onboarding progress in real-time, ask for the relevant documents, electronically sign the paperwork, request documents, and even customize your onboarding cycle to fit your needs. With an automated onboarding process, you can save hours of time and ensure your contractors are onboarded fast with zero hiccups, enabling you to kick off projects fast.

Automate your contractor management workflows

Do you find it hard to engage, collaborate and pay freelancers without things escalating into chaos? A contractor management platform is the answer. Streaming your freelancer management operations with automation can help you access documents, track projects, establish budgets,generate and approve error-free invoices, pay them securely and more — all from one dashboard. Automating your invoice and payments allows you and your team to create, request and approve invoices with ease and make payments hassle-free and on time.

Plan and execute freelance projects better

Keeping track of multiple projects and timelines can get messy, and soon, you lose track of who’s available and who does what. Automation of your projects, processes, and workflows takes care of everything, right from planning and monitoring to execution. This way, you will spend less time managing and organizing your projects and more time doing the actual work. Streamlining your freelance projects helps you set clear directives, create tasks, track work progress, enabling your team to be nimble and bag new clients faster than ever before.

Enjoy the benefits of seamless integrations

Repetitive data entry can take away from your productivity. So, you rely on apps. But working with various apps can turn into a nightmare when you find yourself with too many tabs and lose track of which is which. An automated freelancer management system is integrated with software solutions you already use to help simplify and streamline your contractor workflow. Integrations with global payment solutions also make payments much easier and faster, so you never have to worry about missing payments again.

Ensure successful tax compliance

Are tax paperwork and accounting-related tasks leaving you stressed? A larger freelancer workforce would mean greater non-compliance risks, making tax paperwork even more challenging. Automated tax forms ensure that your 1099 forms are e-filed on time to avoid any IRS penalties. Tax reminders also help you stay updated with the process, so you are always on the right side of compliance.

Final Thoughts

Freelancers can be a great asset for your company. So why lose out on a competitive advantage simply because managing freelancers proves to be a daunting task? An automated freelancer management might be an alien concept to you.

Ensure successful tax compliance

But once you get acquainted with the process, you will soon realize how it is a much smarter solution than attempting to manage freelancers manually. So, are you ready to take your business to new heights?

Look no further than FreelanceCentral.com, a freelancer management platform that streamlines and simplifies every freelancer process – from onboarding and management to ensuring compliance – so you can boost productivity and reduce paperwork.